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Youth of Today

The National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), the representative body for voluntary youth organisations in Ireland, uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact young people.

Representing more than 50 member organisations and working with approximately 380,000 young people each year, NYCI is a growing organisation. To meet the needs of its growth, it needed a new brand system to support its position as a leader in the youth sector that would help it to communicate to diverse audiences, from Government departments and decision-makers to young people.

A crucial part of the decision to undertake this project is that the existing NYCI brand identity does not work effectively in digital applications, so ensuring that any new design works for the digital age is critical.

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We commissioned a suite of brand illustrations to celebrate the diversity of NYCI's members and the young people it supports. The illustrations by Ruan van Vliet, Donough O’Malley, Harriet Yakub and Holly Pereira are intentionally very different in style, but all use the NYCI brand palette.

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As NYCI has grown over the years, so has its number of programmes, projects and initiatives. Many of these programmes and projects acquired their own identity, logos and colours, therefore the previous NYCI brand system was struggling to contain them and they looked very different to each other and the parent brand. To meet this need, we took a structured, systematic approach, one that is supported by guidelines on how to use the system in practice. Utilising the energy and angle of the ‘y’ we have created a holding device to house the various project names.

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It was a pleasure working with Red Dog on our rebranding process. The stakeholder engagement piece was very important to us, and Shona, Paula and the team excelled here, getting a real understanding of the breadth of our organisation and the challenges we faced in developing a consistent new identity. They really ‘got’ our work, and the inclusion of illustrations from young people in our membership in the identity was a masterstroke. The resulting brand identity system meets the brief exactly: it’s inclusive, flexible and modern with a touch of creative genius!

Daniel Meister, Communications Manager, NYCI

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