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Wealth Management with a Flourish

Clinch Wealth Management is a respected wealth management firm that's been delivering expert advice on pensions, investment, and inheritance planning for more than 30 years.

Until recently, the Clinch team have communicated their brand on a one-to-one basis while keeping its public image quite discreet. As part of a change in this approach to relationship-building, Red Dog was tasked with helping Clinch reveal its personality in a new brand that respected – and elevated – its well-earned reputation.

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The colour palette feels rich and luxurious with the deep green, black and gold while, elsewhere, there are highlights of light grey, dusky pink, and a light sage green to add softness. Elsewhere, rich sepia tones are evident in a suite of photography that we developed with Al Higgins to showcase the Clinch team in a relaxed, elegant and warm environment.

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