What we do

In short, we thrive on challenges. Whatever type of creative project you would like us to work on, our curiosity and innovation compel us to work harder, aim higher.

We serve a range of clients, from non-profits seeking new brand positioning to large organisations rebranding for wider appeal or a PLC seeking to tell a powerful story in its annual report. Regardless of our clients’ size or the scale of a project, our philosophy remains constant: we continually challenge ourselves to be better because settling for good enough is never an option. Our clients recognise our capability and creativity to drive the growth of their businesses, adding value to their organisations.

Being passionate about our work means we dedicate ourselves to it wholeheartedly and collaborate with individuals with the same mindset. Fuelled by curiosity and driven by the transformative power of creativity, our team of talented professionals in Dublin is supported by a group of dedicated writers, developers, strategists, photographers, and illustrators.

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Services we offer


Meticulous research is at the heart of our journey towards success for our clients. We embark on our projects with a curiosity, a process filled with questions and explorations. Our Design Research is the compass that systematically gathers insights and delves into user behaviours, market trends and competitive landscape. Our designers, now armed with data-driven decisions and qualitative knowledge, breathe life into design solutions that captivate aesthetically and functionally, setting a new benchmark for holistic and impactful design services.

Brand Strategy & Positioning

We are experts at bridging the divide between strategy and creative design, turning complexity into compelling, cohesive brand strategies that lay the foundation for your future success. Understanding the very core of your identity and strategic direction is where it all begins. We've perfected a system that guides you on a transformative journey, aligning your mission, vision, values, and strategy to unlock genuinely exceptional creative design outcomes.

Brand Architecture

Crafting easily comprehensible and interconnected brand architectures that bolster your market strategies is part of what we offer. We build these structures through investigation, encompassing stakeholder interviews, staff workshops, and competitive landscape evaluations. Your brand's purpose, narratives, and messaging form the pillars upon which we construct this architecture.


In the world of business, product, and campaign names, we understand the significance of leaving a lasting impression. Red Dog’s naming process is a blend of creativity and strategy rooted in a deep understanding of your entity's mission and values. This delicate art marries linguistic appeal, domain availability, and cultural connotations to create a name that becomes the cornerstone of your identity.

Tone of Voice

In a world of diverse communication platforms, a uniform tone of voice becomes the compass that guides and amplifies your brand. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke tone of voice guidelines that breathe life into your brand's identity, ensuring coherent and distinctive communication across all interactions.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is the visual and emotional essence of your brand. It's not just about logos; it's about creating a comprehensive visual language toolkit that empowers you to communicate your brand's values, personality, and commitment. We don't just hand you the toolkit; we guide you through it, ensuring that your brand's essence shines through consistently across all touchpoints.

Annual Reporting

Red Dog turn Annual Reports into captivating narratives, blending strategic thinking with creative finesse. Data becomes a canvas, and visual metaphors become the brushstrokes that transform numbers into memorable stories. Our expertise extends to digital reporting, harnessing innovation to enhance accessibility and interactivity. The awards we consistently receive for Annual Report design affirm our commitment to excellence and creativity in this area.


Spatial design for Red Dog describes the appearance of internal and external spaces, considering their interconnectedness, layout, and distinctive attributes. From exhibitions to wayfinding projects, our spatial work crafts unique settings that transcend mere direction; they influence perceptions and emotions associated with your brand.


We craft campaigns that resonate with the right audience, from naming to creative assets and even managing the entire campaign. Our strategies breathe life into brands, captivating individuals and delivering tangible results through creative innovation and execution.

UX/UI Design

User experience design is about understanding your users at a deep level. It's the bedrock of our design process, guiding every decision we make in creating user interfaces that shape the user's interactive experience. At the outset of every project, our Head of Digital will collaborate with you to conduct this user-centric research, serving as the bedrock for our strategic choices throughout the development.

Website Design

We take immense pleasure in crafting websites that elevate your brand's visual identity – especially if we have delivered this piece also! Our approach infuses dynamism and engagement into your online presence while ensuring a remarkable user experience across all devices. Your brand essence shines consistently across all screen sizes, enhancing aesthetic appeal and user satisfaction.

Motion Graphics

Motion design is the art of storytelling through concise sequences of frames. We use it to enhance your audience's interaction with and perception of your brand across various digital avenues.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is about proactive measures, ensuring your site remains secure and cutting-edge. We handle everything from updates to design enhancements, safeguarding your online presence.

Web Development

Our team of experts craft websites that really sing for our clients. Each site is bespoke and is tailored to meet the editing needs the client as well as an excellent experience for the user.

Art Direction

Our collaboration with illustrators elevates projects to another level, enhancing storytelling and brand communication through unique visual styles. We do our best to use home-grown Irish talent when possible, with a sprinkling of amazing international illustrators when the project demands it.


Our partnerships with accomplished Irish photographers capture the essence of our projects, creating impactful visuals that resonate effectively with diverse audiences. Whether highly creative image-making or shooting your board of directors, we use the best and demand the best results.


Verbal communication is as vital as visual; we offer extensive writing services to authentically enable brands to articulate their identity and purpose.


Video is a powerful tool for conveying compelling narratives. We partner with award-winning filmmakers to tell stories that captivate audiences, elevating your brand's impact and success.

Our Process

While each project requires a bespoke approach based on what our research and investigations uncover, there are 6 fundamental pillars to our design process that ensures we deliver excellent work, every time. Keep scrolling to read about them.



We begin by actively listening, formulating relevant questions, and diligently taking your responses on board to help us grasp the project's problem. Through methods like desk research, interviews, workshops and focus groups, we uncover creative solutions within your answers, fostering a full understanding of our bespoke problem-solving approach to your need.



A brand's success hinges on its purpose, values, personality, architecture, stories, and messaging. We use these insights to define your project's problem and create a robust brief. This will inspire our design team to craft impactful, exciting, and result-driven solutions. At Red Dog, we champion bold creativity. There is no rule book.



With the information gathered from our initial meetings, creative brief, research, and your input, we get to work. We blend structure with free-flowing ideas, aligning them with your strategic vision. Our Creative Director ensures concepts align with the brief and your brand's personality, maintaining our high standards of design and creativity at Red Dog.



After the concepts stage, we intensively refine and develop the creative to a strong, exciting solution. Feedback is pivotal as we incorporate your insights, steadily progressing towards the preferred option. We're dedicated to perfection, aligning the design precisely with your objectives – and hopefully surpassing them. We'll then showcase how the creative solution excels in diverse contexts.



After concept approval, we begin the roll-out by implementing the creative across diverse media and formats. Our expertise ensures seamless integration and a consistent visual identity, bringing everything together, regardless of the client sector or need.



We want our relationships to extend beyond project completion, evolving into ongoing partnerships. We offer continuous support and creative expertise, ensuring consistent and up-to-date outputs across all touchpoints. We frequently collaborate on new projects, fostering a lasting and enjoyable creative partnership.

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