We were tasked to develop a unique brand identity that effectively communicates Converge's exclusive and tailored offering. The essence of the Converge brand lies in fostering connections between clients, publishers, and media agencies within a curated marketplace. It empowers advertisers to seize control and deliver personalised campaigns that resonate.

The Background

Converge-digital (Converge) is an independent Irish digital media trading platform. It acts as a bridge between clients, publishers, and media agencies, similar to how 'Just Eat' connects customers with restaurants. Converge simplifies digital media trading, offering a user-friendly platform with customised tools for improved efficiency. It enhances the buying and selling of digital media, making it more targeted and transparent. Clients can define their goals, content, and audience, connecting directly with publishers.

Red Dog was responsible for creating a unique brand identity that reflects Converge's personalised and curated marketplace.

The Idea

Our design concept emphasises curation, connection, and relationship-building with a flexible logo and visual language that represents limitless possibilities and personalised solutions. Inspired by Converge's digital advertising environment, we incorporated shapes from standard ad format, such as leaderboard and skyscraper, into our unique Converge symbol, an abstract letter C. The logo showcases a digital and individual aesthetic, reflecting the idea of curation.

The Execution

We developed a flexible system that showcases various solutions within a grid, incorporating different shapes and ad formats. We kept the colour palette very simple – mostly black and white but with the addition of turquoise for a unique touch. Collaborating with The Project Twins, we created a collection of illustrations featuring hand gestures like push, point, hold, move, and swipe, to introduce a human element that suggests a sense of curation.

We prioritised environmental sustainability by minimising the brand's carbon footprint. This influenced our choices, such as using a minimal colour palette, a streamlined typeface system, and the use of a diverse set of illustrations instead of opting for photography. This approach reduces the overall weight of the website.



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Right from the very get-go, the team at Red Dog were easy to work with, and they continued to be as they took us through the process of creating a new brand identity for Converge. They were professional, highly competent, and worked really well together as a team. There was never any doubt that they would produce good work for us. As a small company in start-up mode we needed a unique, strong, bold graphic identity that would stand the test of time, and stretch successfully across all kinds of media and surfaces. That’s exactly what we got, and we are very happy with the results.

Mark James, Director of Business & Strategy, Converge-Digital Ltd

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Special thanks to our collaborators

Project Twins (Illustrator)

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