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Founded in 1985, B&A is a respected Research and Insight Agency providing comprehensive research services in Ireland and worldwide. Our goal was to transform the B&A brand to showcase its leading-edge services and embody its passionate, innovative, and strategic nature – while maintaining a fresh and relevant image.

The Background

Initially focused on qualitative research, it has expanded its capabilities over time to cover both qualitative and quantitative research with a dedicated national field force, an in-house telephone and online panel. Our objective was to evolve the brand, capturing B&A's essence as an innovative and strategic organisation – while maintaining a fresh and relevant image. Considering the significant amount of content it produces, it was crucial that the brand could be easily implemented across a wide range of materials, presentations, and digital applications, ensuring practicality for the B&A team.

The Idea

B&A's standing as the most awarded agency in its sector, and its reputation as an Intelligence Agency that offers a bespoke, solution-neutral approach was at the forefront of our mind as we crafted a brand identity that is modern, elegant, and enduring. The logo consists of a custom-designed monogram and logotype. The monogram, prominently featured in day-to-day communications, exudes confidence and perfectly encapsulates the brand's aim to "Delve Deeper" and be best-in-class. Meanwhile, the logotype strikes a harmonious blend of contemporary sophistication and timelessness, effectively conveying the core values of B&A in formal contexts.

The Execution

Since 1989, B&A has annually commissioned and showcased original works by various Irish artists, proudly collaborating with the Graphic Studio Dublin to amass a collection of over 100 limited edition pieces. This unwavering commitment to the Irish artistic community aligns with their conviction that "Market research is more of an art than a science" and serves as the foundation for their new visual identity. A watercolour texture, complemented by colours from the primary and secondary palettes, embodies this artistic approach. The primary palette features the iconic blue of B&A, now accompanied by navy and light blue. In contrast, the secondary palette adds chartreuse, teal, coral, and green for a fresh and vibrant brand presence across digital and print platforms.

In addition to rebranding B&A, we designed and developed its new website, seamlessly integrating the identity, colour palette, typography, and textures to pay homage to its heritage and reflect its commitment to research excellence and innovation.

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We were delighted to work with Red Dog on what became quite a substantial logo and identity redesign and worked its way through to a redesign of our website, presentations and all identity aspects. Their process was thorough and made sense to us as a team. They brought sufficient objectivity and detachment to the strategy review process and probably took us somewhere further than we would have ventured ourselves. Their team was always engaging and well invested in the process and, reassuringly, have been around the block and could anticipate the baggage and hangups with which we were entering into the exercise. Well done all!

Larry Ryan, Director

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