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The Art of Research

Established in 1985, B&A is a large full-service Research and Insight Agency offering all forms of research in Ireland and internationally. Initially a pioneering qualitatively-lead specialist and more boutique agency, B&A now have an extensive national field force for quantitative work, a sizeable in-house telephone unit, an online panel etc.

Our task was to evolve the B&A brand to reflect its leading offering and personality as a passionate, innovative and strategic organisation – while appearing fresh and relevant.

Ba letterhead 2000pxjpg
Ba buscard 1600

An additional part of our work on B&A's rebrand project was to design and build a new website. The new site gather all the different elements of the project – the identity, colour palette, typography and textures together in a way that speaks to B&A's rich legacy and its commitment to excellence and innovation in research.

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Blue is synonymous with B&A, and it has been maintained in the new brand's primary palette alongside navy, and light blue, paired with a secondary palette of chartreuse, teal, coral and green to add freshness and vibrancy across screen and print.

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