Retail Excellence Ireland

Retail Excellence Ireland (REI) is a non-profit organisation that supports Irish retailers. They asked us to develop a brand identity that aligns with its vision to champion, support and grow Irish retail and promote excellence comparable to the best in the world.

The Background

REI fosters the success of Irish retailers through various means. These include facilitating networking events, providing comprehensive education programs, and advocating with the government and other relevant institutions on their behalf. We were responsible for crafting a brand identity for REI that resonates with their new vision: "to champion, support and grow Irish retail across all channels, promoting excellence comparable to the best in the world."

The Idea

With a vast network of over 2,000 members, REI brings together a diverse range of Irish businesses. This network includes small independent businesses, large retail chains, traditional brick-and-mortar shops, and digital retail spaces. Among these members are some of Ireland's most forward-thinking and innovative retailers. To reflect the diverse nature of its members' shop fronts, we developed a flexible and dynamic logo that aligns perfectly with the e-commerce industry and the constantly evolving retail landscape. The logo comes in four distinct configurations, paying tribute – a homage to the rich diversity of the Irish retail scene.

The Execution

REI's brand voice is bold and modern, conveying reliability and friendliness, so we selected the Nouvelle Grotesk font to visually embody that aspect of the brand. This sturdy and distinctive sans serif font is paired with a vibrant colour palette and graphic elements known as the "REI Windows." Combined, they create a dynamic and impactful visual language that can be tuned up or down to suit different channels and target audiences.

REI's members are the focal point of the organisation's values and actions, and, to reinforce the brand's essence, we have adopted its new tagline, "The Voice of Irish Retail." The outcome is a versatile, lively, and energetic brand toolkit that provides a glimpse into the realm of retail. It celebrates Irish businesses' physical and digital aspects and empowers its employees.

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From the first briefing meeting to the final delivery, Red Dog has been enormously helpful in restructuring our brand. The retail industry has evolved immeasurably over the years, and our brand needed to reflect that evolution. Mary, Ashley and the team immediately got us, and the results surpassed our expectations. Our members constantly comment on the positive impact this change has made.

Duncan Graham, Managing Director, Retail Excellence Ireland

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