A brand identity for Pippo, a new online and app offering from Clanwilliam Health that aims to transform how GPs communicate with their patients, offering an easy, quick and convenient way to book appointments online with ease.

The Background

Clanwilliam Health, a renowned provider of cutting-edge healthcare solutions, empowers healthcare professionals with innovative digital tools to deliver best-in-class patient care. One of their latest and most exciting offerings is 'Pippo', a new app designed to revolutionise how patients book appointments with their GPs. Borne of a commitment to enhancing the doctor-patient relationship, 'Pippo' is a seamless, user-friendly, and efficient way for patients to schedule appointments with just a few taps on their smartphones or tablets. Our task was to design a brand that embodied the character of a friendly doctor that is liked, trusted and reliable.

The Idea

'Pippo' is a vital touchpoint for a diverse user base, aiming to provide a seamless and welcoming experience, enabling users to manage and book appointments effortlessly. Understanding our audience was key, so we conducted thorough research, forming a strong foundation for our design, user flow, and UI decisions. The logotype's gently rounded edges and curved letterforms create a sense of balance between friendliness and solidity, with a subtle reference to healthcare through the incorporation of a cross within the first "P,”. 'Pippo' embraces the healthcare sector's standard palette with primary and secondary brand colours of deep and electric blue hues for corporate and GP-facing communications. Meanwhile, for patient-facing communications and the app's UI, 'Pippo' adopts a tertiary palette with vibrant and pastel colours that catch the eye.

The Execution

We commissioned Cathy Hogan to create captivating illustrations that align with the core brand message. These artworks feature various patients in different scenarios, subtly conveying Pippo's convenience in managing GP appointments anytime and anywhere. Additionally, we incorporated GP settings and close-ups of essential devices, such as calendars, to craft a seamless narrative across multiple vignettes, effectively reinforcing our brand's vision. The dynamic and flexible graphic assets perfectly capture the brand's friendly yet professional tone. With these versatile elements, we can easily adjust the brand's visual language, ensuring a consistent and impactful visual presence.

Pippo app 2000x1125
Pippo Logo navy 2000x900
Pippo VL 2 1000x1029

From start to finish working with the Red Dog team was a great experience. We needed to create a new brand and visual identity from scratch and Red Dog helped us every step of the way. From ideation to delivery it was a pleasure to work with experts who actually care about the end product and really want to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients. They are flexible when needed and simply put they are a great partner to work with and will add massive value to any project they work with. I have already recommended them to a number of colleagues and contacts and I really look forward to working with them myself in the future. It’s rare to find such a strong and creative team who are committed to delivering market leading results.

Donal O Nuallain, Head of Marketing, Clanwilliam Health

Pippo screen 1 520x593
Pippo screen 2 520x593
Pippo 3illustrations 2000x593
Pippo VL 2000x1029
Pippo SM 2000x900

Special thanks to our collaborators

Cathy Hogan (Illustrator)

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