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Dublin Design Institute (DDI) is a private education institute that has been producing skilled graduates in graphic, fashion, interior, and UX design for over 20 years. Recently, DDI undertook a brand identity refresh to better underline its ambition and allowing it to communicate its offering in a modern, eye-catching fashion.

The Background

Dublin Design Institute (DDI) has established itself as a leading provider of flexible and innovative pathways to accredited design qualifications, successfully nurturing and producing highly skilled graduates in various design disciplines such as graphic, fashion, interior, and UX design for over two decades. Recognising the importance of aligning its accredited programs with QQI standards, the Institute has recently taken meaningful steps to enhance its reputation further. A significant part of this strategic positioning was a brand identity refresh, reinforcing its ambitions and enhancing its ability to communicate the exceptional opportunities it offers to aspiring designers effectively.

The Idea

The proposed solution for this project centres around adaptable and progressive pathways. It showcases a bold and dynamic logo and employs a vibrant colour scheme tailored for a digital presence. Throughout all logo variations, the central 'D' takes centre stage, symbolising the overarching theme of the enterprise: Design. The concept of dispersion, where white light divides into its visible colours, inspires the brand's colour palette. Like light passing through a triangular prism and separating into red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, these colours form the foundation of a comprehensive colour guide system. The logo sets the tone for the visual language, incorporating captivating shapes employed in various ways to maintain engaging and fresh layouts across both digital and print media.

The Execution

The student-focused tagline serves as a direct call to action that challenges the reader: reflect on yourself, reclaim your path and reignite your passion. Demonstrating the versatility of the brand identity, we created a range of rollout items and design templates that incorporate elements from the logotype, various colour combinations, and image treatments. The chosen typeface for the brand is PolySans, which was carefully selected for its playful nature, legibility, and captivating details. Finally, we crafted a dynamic website that brings the Dublin Design Institute brand to life, highlighting its innovative and forward-thinking approach as a creative institution.

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