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A new name takes flight.

Since 1925 The Daughters of Charity have brought change to the lives of children and adults with intellectual disabilities across Ireland. In 2020 the Daughters of Charity relinquished managerial control of the charity to an independent board of directors. At the same time, a decision was taken to change the organisation's name and identity to reflect its future plans as the organisation moves with the times and the changing nature of healthcare provision in Ireland.

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Red Dog took great care and attention developing our new branding that would give the organisation a fresh identity that was simultaneously respectful to our history, going so far as to incorporate visual clues throughout our new iconography. We have been overwhelmed by the compliments received for our new look, and I am constantly asked who built our new website.

Their creativity and attention to detail in their project management has allowed us to make the transition as easy as possible from our old name to new branding, in spite of the challenges presented by a global pandemic.

Natalya Jackson, CEO, Avista

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