A new name and brand for the Daughters of Charity, an organisation that has been transforming the lives of people living with intellectual disabilities for almost one hundred years.

The Background

Since 1925, the Daughters of Charity have been catalysts for transformation in the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities throughout Ireland. However, in 2020, they made a significant shift by entrusting the charity's management to an independent board of directors. Simultaneously, they decided to revamp the organisation's name and identity, aligning it with their forward-looking vision and adapting to the evolving healthcare landscape in Ireland.

The Idea

Our naming and brand work was guided by their new vision, 'People living their best lives as active citizens in an inclusive society'. Additionally, we incorporated their core values, which encompass service, respect, excellence, collaboration, justice, and creativity, serving as the foundation for all their endeavours. The new name – Avista – embodies the expansive panorama that lies ahead, symbolising new horizons and reflecting the forward-thinking approach of the organisation. During our exploration of the Daughters' extensive heritage, we were captivated by the cornette hat, a distinctive headdress worn by the nuns in the 1800s. Drawing inspiration from this historical element, we crafted a symbol that pays homage to the cornette and embodies an optimistic representation of Avista's future—a bird soaring in flight.

The Execution

The graphic language revolves around the new logo, starting with incorporating fluid arc shapes, imagery, and vibrant colours, resulting in graceful curves that span various applications. Moreover, the individual bird shapes are coupled with dynamic typography to instil a feeling of momentum, particularly for conveying important messages. The colour palette exudes warmth and positivity. Drawing inspiration from their core values and the diversity of their audience, it has been carefully crafted to resonate with a wide range of people. Additionally, we have developed a complementary website and strategy that align with their rebranded launch communications.


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Red Dog took great care and attention developing our new branding that would give the organisation a fresh identity that was simultaneously respectful to our history, going so far as to incorporate visual clues throughout our new iconography. We have been overwhelmed by the compliments received for our new look, and I am constantly asked who built our new website. Their creativity and attention to detail in their project management has allowed us to make the transition as easy as possible from our old name to new branding, in spite of the challenges presented by a global pandemic.

Natalya Jackson, CEO, Avista

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Special thanks to our collaborators

Open Digital (Web Developer)

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