South East Technological University

A new identity for South East Technological University (SETU) – the first technological university in the south-east of Ireland. Formed by merging the institutes of Technology at Waterford and Carlow, SETU boasts campuses in Waterford, Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow, and Kilkenny.

The Background

The launch of this new university required a new robust identity that could reflect the ambitions of learners, teachers, researchers, and businesses across the south-east and beyond through exceptional learning and collaboration. Traditionally, universities have favoured a coat of arms or crest to honour their heritage. However, SETU is an entirely new entity – the creation of something innovative and thrilling for the South East region. With over 50 years of experience in higher education, research, innovation, and stakeholder partnerships, the brief called for an identity that would be modern, memorable and comprehensible.

The Idea

To reflect SETU’s dynamic vision, we have designed a logo that symbolises collaboration and interconnectedness. Featuring a prominent 'U', which represents the core values of being student-centred, a university, and unity, the SETU logo embodies the idea of pathways and connections leading into education and beyond. Multiple pathways come together in harmony to create "your" university. These pathways extend outward, reaching towards future careers and symbolising the impact of SETU locally and globally. They also pay homage to rays of light, symbolising knowledge, inspiration, and energy.

The Execution

The brand comes alive with a dynamic and contemporary visual style characterised by a vibrant colour scheme consisting of gradients that embody the essence of collaboration as colours seamlessly blend together. The prominent graphic element is the 'U', which can be resized and cropped and serves as a versatile shape to hold imagery, text, or colour. Moreover, individual SETU 'U' strands can be utilised to frame and emphasise specific elements. We collaborated with motion designer Cian McKenna, producing impactful and striking 3D renders in various colour variations for the digital realm. These renders are versatile graphic components that add depth and movement to various materials.

SETU hero 2000x1125
SETU logo

The SETU brand journey took many twists and turns but with expert guidance and the creativity of the entire Red Dog team the result is a truly unique and exciting brand. As a new university we required an identity that would make us stand out, one that reflects the values of our organisation, one that resonates well with stakeholders. Not only has our brand been overwhelmingly well received but our community, staff and students are proud to champion the SETU brand. Thanks to Red Dog, we have a brand built on solid foundations, a brand that will serve SETU well into the future.

Dr. John Power, Brand Manager, SETU

SETU Girl 1600x900
SETU Carousell1 1
SETU Carousel2 1
SETU Carousel2 3
SETU brochures 2000x1125
SETU End 2000x880

Special thanks to our collaborators

Cian McKenna (3D Designer)

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