TU Dublin

Launching on January 2nd 2019, TU Dublin is Ireland’s first Technological University. TU Dublin is an entirely new type of university: it is a dynamic, multidimensional environment fostering analytical thinking and driving transformation and growth. It’s a different kind of university, free of old-school thinking. It’s not about fitting in but about making an impact.

TU Dublin’s visual identity communicates this spirit of change. It challenges convention and stands out in a crowd. It is confident and bold. Something of a trailblazer, you might say. It expresses the university’s and its students’ potential to make a difference – not just to Dublin or Ireland, but to the world.

We worked in partnership with brand strategy agency MCCP to develop the TU Dublin brand. Most Irish universities have a crest or a symbol, and we felt, since TU Dublin is a different kind of university, it was important that it was treated entirely differently. Our approach to the project hinged on a seamless brand development: the creative approach informed strategic thinking and strategic input guided the design process. Meanwhile, rigorous testing throughout ensured our strategy was on-point and connected with a wide range of different stakeholders.

TU Dublin is bold, modern and dynamic and the logotype demonstrates the impact that it will have on the landscape of Dublin and higher education. It has the power to change, disrupt and transform. It is both contemporary and progressive while conveying a bold and confident tone. The logotype treatment also allows us to focus solely on the name and to embed it in people’s minds. By bringing the TU Dublin brand personality into the name, we help to fast-track recognition for this new brand.

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