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Please take a few moment to explore some recent highlights of Red Dog's work in Non-profit

Concern Worldwide

Brand Strategy _ Non-profit _

A brand new Concern for a brand new world.

ICD Hero 2000x1000
Irish Cancer Society

Annual Reports _ Non-profit _

Preventing, Supporting and Caring

Rethink Hero 2000
Rethink Ireland

Digital _ Non-profit _

Setting a new name in motion.

Cluid Anniversary Book Results 1600
Clúid Housing

Print _ Non-profit _

Bringing homes and hearts together for 25 years.

RDS Impact Hero 2000x1125

Print _ Non-profit _

Measuring Impact at the RDS.

Concern AR19 Approach 1000x1159
Concern Worldwide

Annual Reports _ Non-profit _

Stories of survival from the world’s poorest countries.

Simon Community

Campaigns _ Non-profit _

A Big Conversation about Homelessness.

Jhpiego Hero 2000

Brand Identity _ Non-profit _

Seizing the ‘J’ for an iconic identity.