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Hitting the right visual note.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive (ITMA) is the guardian of the largest collection of Irish traditional music in existence. Its purpose is to collect, preserve, organise and circulate materials regarding Irish traditional song, music and dance. It may be deeply rooted in history, but traditional music is very much a living, breathing artform. This was something the ITMA wanted to reflect in a new brand identity.

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Red Dog seemed to immediately grasp what we needed. Engaging with our staff and other stakeholders, they crafted a positioning paper which was very helpful, as well as a very clear creative brief. Our new identity made our 2017. We love it! It has huge potential and positions us as the organisation we want to be – steeped in tradition and heritage but prepared for the future. I would happily recommend Red Dog as a creative partner to any organisation and we look forward to working with them again and again.

Grace Toland, Director of the Irish Traditional Music Archive

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