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TA Hero 2000x1125pxPhotography: Aileen Dillon | Art Direction: Laura O’Neill

Bringing social enterprise and education together.

Today over 90% of adults with Down Syndrome in Ireland are unemployed. Together Academy was established with a mission to change this. A unique college and social enterprise cafe in Dublin, Together Academy will provide people with Down Syndrome specialised certified training, on the job experience, future work placements and a critical social and support network.

TA Intro 2000 x 835px
Together Academy Case Study Together logo v3
Together Academy Case Study Together Cafe 2
TA Execution 735 x 496pxPhotography: Aileen Dillon | Art Direction: Laura O’Neill
TA 2000 x 1125px

As Together Academy is a new concept, we decided on a logotype to establish the brand name and build recognition. Within the logotype, the 't' in 'together' wraps a supportive arm around the 'h', demonstrating that support, teamwork and warmth are core to Together Academy.

We chose Value Serif Bold & Value Sans Bold as our font family – to best represent the Together Academy family. Value is a contemporary family of two typefaces, and together they bring distinctive design features; a notch in the letters 'f' and 'j' as well as a single-story a which is unusual in serif font designs giving the mark a unique feel.

Supported with an optimistic colour palette, photography and messaging, the result is a brand identity and graphic language that keeps Together Academy's warmth and supportive nature at its heart.

TA 1600 x 900px
We needed to be change-makers – and Red Dog understood that. The identity for the Together Academy represents interesting, cool, smart young adults who happen to have Down syndrome. Red Dog worked with us to change perceptions and create an identity that will help us to provide a brighter future for our young adults.

Laura O'Neill, Together Academy

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TA 2000 x 1125px2
TA 2000 x 1125px3Photography: Aileen Dillon | Art Direction: Laura O’Neill