Tallaght University Hospital Foundation (TUHF) is the independent arm of Tallaght University Hospital concerned with fundraising for research and other projects, as well as building the hospital’s brand image. Our brief was to create an identity for TUHF that would speak to its core audiences of hospital staff, fundraising groups in the vicinity, corporate donors and members of the general public.

The Approach
Following competitive analysis and a workshop session with key stakeholders from Tallaght University Hospital and TUHF, we were able to formulate a brand strategy which understood who the brand is and how it needed to be portrayed to its target audiences. What we discovered was that the staff of Tallaght University Hospital are its heart, its lifeblood. They have a sense of pride in their hospital, their work and their community which might be described as unshakeable, but which we simply decided to call TUHF.

The Idea
This led us to base the identity around the acronym 'TUHF' as it describes their brand personality and could be designed as a badge of pride and honour.

The Execution
The beauty of ‘TUHF’ as an acronym is that it captures perfectly the brand’s personality and purpose. The resulting brand identity takes this idea to heart, with a bold solution that’s all about recognising and reinforcing that sense of raw, human pride, combining fun, energetic typography with supporting type treatment that recognises its professionalism. A vibrant colour palette means TUHF will stand out from the crowd and other charities, so important when it finds itself vying for attention with them at events.

We launched the identity with a suite of collateral that showed the new branding off to full effect in Tallaght University Hospital itself, with staff showcased on elevator wraps and promotional posters throughout the campus. The visual language developed flexes as required, dialled up in fun and personality for promotional events and reined in for more corporate activity.


Project Team

Catherine Robertson

Avril Murphy

Suzanne Massey

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Red Dog were challenged to develop a brand identity that would help us cut through and express the true personality of our organisation - small, yet ambitious and feisty! An organisation that was here to support and elevate the ambitions of Tallaght University hospital. True to form, they delivered with a flexible brand, that challenged the norm , gave us an identity that we could be proud off, one that represented who we are and what we want to achieve. It helped us position ourselves immediately in the hospital – we are TUHF and as our hospital staff are integral to our brand so we wanted them all to feel ownership in some way, they are TUHF. This brand work has been exemplary on establishing us across social media platforms and this work is ongoing. We couldn’t be happier with what they delivered and continue to deliver for our organisation.

Sarah Benson, Head of Communications & Development, TUHF

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