We were kindly asked by Conor Kavanagh and Executive Chef Temple Garner to design a logo and brand identity for Bresson, a new fine-dining French restaurant in Monkstown, Co Dublin. We had met Conor through our work for The Old Spot, another successful Dublin eatery.

The name Bresson comes from one of the clients’ many French inspirations, photographer Henri Cartier Bresson, who interrupted the formality of classical photography with spontaneity and casual brilliance – something that Conor and Temple are doing with French cuisine.

With Bresson as a starting point, we researched French art, design and typography from the 1930s to the 1950s as a source of inspiration. The design outcome was a crafted logotype inspired by this French approach but with a contemporary style and elegance, reflective of the experience that visitors to the restaurants can enjoy.

In a nod to Bresson’s proximity to the sea and the locally-sourced produce that the restaurant offers, we developed a graphic visual language inspired by seaweed gathered near the restaurant at Seapoint, Monkstown. And if you look at the photograph below of a very dedicated Red Dog designer gathering said seaweed you know that we go to great lengths for our clients! The use of a beautiful colour palette pulls all the new brand assets together and creates an identity that we hope will be relevant for many years to come.

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