Davy Group

The Davy Group, is Ireland’s leading provider of wealth management and financial advisory services. In 2013, we began to work with Davy on a range of projects that aimed to illustrate the scope and strength of their wealth management services to an audience of potential private clients. Those projects included the design and writing of a corporate video, client brochures and press adverts.

Now, two years later, we are working on an extensive audit and analysis on all of the Davy Group business units’ visual identity. The goal with this project is to produce a toolkit that can act as a guideline for the production of all of the Davy Group’s administration, customer-facing and external communication documents.

October 2015 saw the launch of a private client advertising campaign in the national media and online to introduce Davy to a new audience.

We set Mary and the team at Red Dog the challenge of bringing to life a complicated and technical proposition in a way that would be meaningful to our clients and staff. We are delighted with the result and thanks for pushing us out of our comfort zone and creating something that embodies the very best of who we are and what we can do for our clients.

Stephen Jackson
Head of Marketing, Davy

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