With bold ambitions to grow to revenues to €50m 2025 and with a recent round of successful investment completed, Tenderscout, the world’s most advanced tender discovery, qualification and bid platform, found itself at a critical transition point. As it moved from an up and coming startup into an established business, the need for a new identity was identified to give TenderScout the credibility to compete for multinational business globally.

Our first task was to carry out research, competitive analysis and facilitate brand workshop sessions with their team. Immediately it was clear that the name Tenderscout was no longer fit-for-purpose. The main issue is with the word “tender” which s a Western European colloquialism. Taking a global perspective, a better term for what they do is “contract bidding. So we embarked on a naming process which delivered us to “bid” and then to Orbidal.

Our next step was to express the new name and positioning through great design. A new logotype emerged giving Orbidal a simple yet very striking mark which applies incredibly well digitally, which is crucial for an Saas solution company. A fresh and vibrant colour palette allowed us to turn up the volume on the roll-out. Elsewhere, the introduction of a beautifully crafted illustration by Mark Conlan gave us a very rich asset to play with throughout the implementation. It was a pleasure to work on this project and is a real testament to working with an open-minded client. We’re excited to see where Orbidal’s plans take them over the next few years.

“At Orbidal, we are absolutely thrilled with every part of the brand journey with Red Dog. Each member of their team played such an important part in what was an emotional and exhausting journey. The creativity, care and enthusiasm they shared with us felt like we were working with our own team. They have really elevated our brand and our company to a much higher level. The response to our new name and brand have been overwhelmingly positive with clients and stakeholders. Thank you to everyone at Red Dog.”

Lisa Raftery, CMO

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