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100 Archive 2021

Still here, Still supporting.

The Irish Cancer Society is a community of patients, survivors, volunteers, supporters, health and social care professionals, and researchers who transform people's experiences and outcomes through support services and research. Reflecting on the challenges during the first year of Covid lockdowns, they wanted to reaffirm to the cancer community that they're still here and the support and services that they're renowned for are still available.

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The colour palette is a mix of sombre and bright colours to partner the two sides of the work of the Irish Cancer Society – they are helping increase the number of people who survive cancer and are there to support those who don’t.

This mix of colours are brought into the illustrations along with the international symbol of cancer – the yellow daffodil. The daffodil is a symbol of hope and appears in each illustration to tie in the brand and ensure that the whole report demonstrates the Irish Cancer Society as being a support structure.

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