Over the last two decades, we’ve collaborated with Concern Worldwide on countless projects, all of which helped to inform our most significant assignment to date: a global refresh for a truly global organisation.

The Challenge

Concern Worldwide had a bit of an identity problem. Everyone working for the charity might have shared the same ethos, but how they were presenting themselves and the brand between regions differed widely. A consistent appearance and tone of voice was called for, one that would work in all territories for all local audiences. So Concern called for a global brand refresh – and they called upon Red Dog to lead it.

The Approach

When brand clarity is the objective, it’s vital to listen to all sides of the conversation and see the bigger picture. We took an extensive look at competitor brands in this space, running reviews and research workshops with staff and stakeholders in all of Concern’s territories. What began to emerge was the need for evolution. There was a huge, collective sense of pride in the hand-drawn Concern logotype, but it had been born into a world where print communication was king and lost touch in one where it was now all about digital.

The Execution

Modernising the logo was the first port of call. We smoothed out its trademark lines to look better on screen, then we refreshed and simplified the colour palette, landing on a green which was more screen-friendly. Next, a modern, more legible sans serif replacement for ‘worldwide’ was selected. From the DNA of the evolved logo, we created a bespoke graphic element which would clearly identify every piece of Concern communication, with a more impactful avatar created for social media platforms. It was so important the new visual treatment had a sensibility that would translate between Europe and the US.

Photography is a powerful asset for Concern. We provided direction on how best to use images from the field to bring the brand’s core values to life, with guidelines as to how and when to incorporate illustration and graphics to ensure standout. Being a truly global organisation that speaks to audiences on all levels, from young to old, individual to corporate, education to research, we developed a universal tone of voice that would be universally understood. The global brand book Red Dog developed guides the crafting of consistent messaging, with a variety of flexible internal templates that encourage staff to create and manage their own content.

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