Concern Worldwide

Concern Worldwide works with the world’s poorest people to transform their lives. They are committed to improving the lives of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people and their charity work focuses on education, emergencies and health, livelihoods, HIV and AIDS. Over the last 19 years, we have developed a great working relationship with Concern Worldwide based on collaboration, open mindedness and trust.

The scope of projects that we work on for Concern can range from brochures to press adverts to touring exhibitions for Outreach programmes. Most recently, we designed an award-winning story book for younger children. ‘Someone Like Me’ collects a series of stories from children around the world (all of a similar age to the target audience) outlining what life is like for them on a daily basis. ‘Someone Like Me’ recently won a Bronze ICAD Award for use of illustration.

However, the consistent thread that has run through our entire relationship with Concern is their Annual Report which we have now designed for eighteen consecutive years.

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