Universal Music Group is the biggest record label in the world and home to a diverse roster of artists across an iconic panel of labels. Part of Universal’s portfolio is UMUSIC, the business-to-consumer side of their business. UMusic has been in existence for 10 years and its original logo had not been refreshed or considered since its original inception.

UMUSIC is the fun, consumer-facing side of all communications which takes the perspective of an avid music fan and communicates to an audience of peers, both young and old. With that in mind, our objective was to develop a new visual identity for UMUSIC that reflects what the brand stands for, resonates with the target audience and works across the various touchpoints, which are primarily digital. As the team are constantly pushing out a huge volume of really fresh, engaging content, the ultimate goal was ownership and consumer awareness.

We created a monogram that is versatile and adaptable for screen, both as a static motif and in its animated form. This is accompanied by an energetic visual language that is inspired by beats and movement, that can work across static onscreen applications, including Spotify playlists, and social media – in animated form on video end frames – and on printed applications including promotional merchandise. The colour palette plays a very important role in the new identity where vibrant gradients ranging from blues to greens, pinks and yellows, are flexible and interchangeable, working to complement the photography of various artists.

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